Lavon Farms

Lavon Farms, located in Plano, Texas, is a family owned dairy farm with a small group of happy cows. We milk registered Guernsey & Jersey cows twice a day to provide you fresh milk and other dairy products. We are a Grade A dairy farm and are certified by the State of Texas to sell Lavon Farms Grade A Raw Milk. Our creamy, local and rBST free Guernsey & Jersey Raw Milk can be purchased at our farm store.

Take a drive to the country without having to leave the city limits. At Lavon Farms, you can stop by to look at our good-looking cows or come in to chat about our farming practices. In our Farm Store, you will find our award winning Lucky Layla Farms brand cheeses, butter, caramel, drinkable yogurts, and Lavon Farms Grade A Raw Milk with cream on the top stocked fresh daily.

Listing last updated on Feb 24, 2012

Our Guernsey and Jersey cows provide Grade A Raw Milk and make appearances at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. At the 2012 Livestock Show, our cows won many classes, including Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder, in the Guernsey and Jersey breeds.

Schedule and Location:

Farm Store on the dairy farm
3721 North Jupiter Road
Plano, Texas 75074

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I make regular trips to pick up milk, yogurt, and cheese from the farm. These days it is great to have fresh dairy products that are not polluted. It's amazing how dedicated this farm is to producing true dairy products.... [more]

Lucky Layla has the absolute best drinkable yogurt. I used to swear by greek yogurt, but love the taste, texture, and the fact that it's grown and produced locally.... [more]

They have amazing fresh, raw cow milk and drinkable yogurt here. My favorite flavor is the custard apple!

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