Welcome to Leaning Sycamore Farm! Our primary focus is the healthiest meat you can buy...rabbit!

At Leaning Sycamore Farm, we raise several breeds...American Blue, which is a heritage breed on the ALBC, New Zealand Red, which is one of the very first rabbits raised in America for food. We also raise the more popular commercial rabbits New Zealand White, and Californian. We feed these rabbits fresh vegetable, home raised fodder, local grains and a limited amount of professional high protein pellets.

We do offer limited sales of stock to the general public for those wishing to raise their own rabbit meat.

In addition to rabbits, we have several other animals! We keep a small flock of Buckeye Chickens, another ALBC heritage breed. To keep things interesting we also keep Giant Cochins, Wyandottes, Cuckoo Orpingtons, Ameuracana and Black Orpingtons.

Our chickens free range from morning until late evening and are also fed fodder and grain.

To satisfy our meat customers, we have recently added Coturnix Quail. Coturnix are great birds, that will lay a small, beautifully speckled egg on a regular basis, and are generally ready for butcher between six and eight weeks. They are considered a 'giant' quail due to their growth rate and dress out percentage.

We've just started a small flock of sheep and we look forward to offering products from them as well.

The focus with all of our animals is a happy life, a species appropriate diet, and a respectful end. We feed local grains and sprout our own fodder to support a grass-fed diet for all animals.


Listing last updated on May 22, 2013

Leaning Sycamore Farm offers rabbits, chickens, quail, eggs, and microgreens.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

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Work Req?  No

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By Appointment Only

Schedule and Location:

By Appointment Only

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