Leche Ridge

The mission of Leche Ridge is to provide an improved quality of life for ourselves, our customers, and our livestock. We believe the needs of all three are served best by building a farm which exists on a human scale.

To that end my wife Julie and I established our farm in 2005. We produce honey and pollination services with honey bees naturalized to the Pacific Northwest. We keep two flocks of chickens that produce both eggs and meat and a herd of Nubian Dairy Goats for milk. All animal are kept free range with plenty of access to green pasture to assure a high quality of life for them, and nutritious meat and dairy products for our customers. Imitating the natural web of life on our farm really works too. The yokes of our eggs are golden orange, and our goat milk yields more cheese then the package directions indicate it should.

You are welcome to take a farm tour and learn more about the natural farming practices employed at Leche Ridge. The tour will include a stroll thru the fruit orchard, the smell of bees brewing honey in the apiary, some quality time with the goat herd and a demonstration of the chicken tractor. Tours are given by appointment only. Please call a minimum of a week before you plan to visit.


Listing last updated on Jun 15, 2010

Leche Ridge now has free-range chickens and goat milk available! Please call 503-662-4563 to arrange for a visit, or to meet at a drop point.

Season:  July through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2005

# of Shares:  15

Full Share:  $350/ year

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Yamhill, Hillsboro and Forest Grove area

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