Lee Farms - Certified Organic Beef- Grass Fed Cattle

Kent, New York
Family Farm

Lee Farms - Certified Organic Beef- Grass Fed Cattle

100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

Certified Organic and Dry Aged Beef

Raised the Old Fashion way, all natural, in grass pastures, never barn confined

We are dedicated to providing the best quality organically raised meats possible. "I wanted the best meat possible for my family and I know we are eating the best quality, grass fed, organically raised meat possible". We take pride in knowing that our cattle are raised naturally. "NO" chemicals, "NO" hormones and "NO" antibiotics. "NO" Genetically Modified Feeds and never confined to a barn..........

** Our grass fed beef is "Dry aged", the way it used to be, USDA inspected and is sold by the cut per pound. Steaks are 1" thick or more and roasts are 3 - 4 pounds each. Our ground beef is a combination of ground round, ground chuck and ground sirloin and is packaged in 1 lb packs. We also have 1/3 lb patties in 1 lb packs. Specialty cuts can be ordered in advance.

We started with Black Angus cattle and soon crossed them with a Hereford bull. This improved the herd temperament. Our calmer, more relaxed and healthy Black Angus / Hereford cross beef animals produce top quality, well marbled meat.............All our calves are born and raised on our farm....

  • Our cattle are fed all naturally, with mixed hay and assorted grasses grown on our own Certified Organic fields and pastures. They are "Never fed grain"
  • The "Dry Aged" process intensifies the flavor and tenders the beef.
  • Our cattle are in a stress free environment and are kept out in the fresh air and have free range from grass pastures to wooded areas.
  • New item for 2013 - We will have Cage Free / Pasture Ranged Eggs, Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved
  • Our chickens are cage free and free ranged. The eggs can be purchased at the same stores that sell our beef. (See below)****
  • Our farm is located within 1 mile of the Lake Ontario shoreline, in the Orleans County town of Carlton, New York and has been family owned and operated by Robert VanWuyckhuyse and his wife CindyLou Lee since 1983.
  • E-Mail us with your address or call 585 682-3036 or cell 585 281-0111, and I will send you our NEW Brochure and retail price list.

    *****Feel free to call anytime with questions you may have.****** Nice article at http://www.orleanshub.com/news/Carlton-beef-farmer-follows-his-dream.html

    FREE Delivery is available within our local area.

    Our Beef is sold in the stores listed below:

    Lori's Natural Foods 900 Jefferson Rd Rochester, New York 7 Days a week 585 424-2323

    Green Hut, LLC 2139 N. Union St Spencerport, New York 585 617-3063

    Abundance Cooperative Market 62 Marshall St Rochester, New York 585 454-2667

    We are certified by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York)

    We are also Certified Naturally Grown and also Animal Welfare Approved

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    Listing last updated on Aug 22, 2014

    Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food "You are what you eat" Mom use to say! Just a few of the associations and organizations we are members of or certified by: New York FARM BUREAU Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) USDA Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC New York Beef Producers Association American Grass Fed Association Animal Welfare Approved

    Schedule and Location:

    June23 thru October

    Farmers Market at the YWCA

    Batavia, New York YWCA on North St

    10am - 2pm

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    Excellent meat tender and full of flavor. He takes great care of each and every animal beautiful farm.

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