Leg of Goat - Cabrito - Goat Meat

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Leg of Goat - Cabrito - Goat Meat

Leg Roast - USDA Processed - Cabrito - Goat Meat Weighing over a two pounds each package contains 1 Leg Roast.

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Weighing over a two pounds each package contains 1 Leg Roast.

At the Blue Spoon Farm we take pride in raising our animals humanely, they are loved, and treated like pets. The herd is small. The hay that the animals eat is grown organically on the farm. During peak growth stages and during the winter they eat grain sourced from within 4 miles of the farm from a cooperative grain seller who using only locally sourced grain. The USDA processor is within 5 miles of the farm, the closest one available. While getting into the truck can be stressful this short ride is the least stressful and most humane alternative. This goat meat can be labeled as Cabrito - young goat. Cabrito is less than a year old. The animals here were 10 months old.

The animals were never wormed. It wasn't necessary. Their pastures are rotated regularly and we use FAMACHA scoring to determine parasite infection thus eliminating or reducing the need to worm.

While we can farm sustainably the farm cannot be considered sustainable without customers to buy our products and help provide the financial resources needed for hay processing, feed bills, veterinary costs, and to pay the mortgage.

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