Legacy Family Farm

Legacy Family Farm is a local family farm that believes in growing food the way God intended, naturally. Animals raised on pasture with no hormones, no additives and no antibiotics.

We believe that supporting local farmers is good for our economy, good for our land and good for our society. Locally grown food is healthier and tastier than conventionally grown products that are shipped across the country to your local grocery store. It just makes sense to eat local.

Our products list will soon include grass fed and finished beef and lamb.

We look forward to growing you "food fit to eat."

God Bless, The folks at Legacy Family Farm

Listing last updated on Feb 24, 2011

We are sold out of all products right now. We are working on upgrading the farm infrastructure with new fencing, paddocks and irrigation to make the farm more suitable for grassfed & finished beef. We will post an update to let you know when we are ready to take orders again. We look forward to growing you "food fit to eat." Blessings, Mark

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All of the meats are awesome! It truly is a family farm. They exhibit the utmost care for their animals, and the results are wonderful. All of their meats have wonderful flavor.

We bought a 1/4 beef from Legacy Family Farm and the meat is so good! Everything we have eaten from the filet mignon to the ground beef has been great.... [more]

I bought a sampler pack of grass fed, organic beef. The flavor was phenomenal and the service was wonderful- I called to place an order and was on my way to pick it up within 30 minutes.... [more]

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