Leggtown Heritage Farm

We are developing a heritage farm using sustainable farming practices. We have a 25 acre farm along the Shoal Creek in the Leggtown community of Limestone County in Alabama. Our pastures are natural mixtures of local varieties with cross fencing to manage the grazing. We have a mixture of heritage farm animals that currently include Dexter cattle, Large Black hogs, Red Laced White Cornish chickens, Buff geese, and Buff ducks. All of our animals are free to roam the farm and forage for food as nature intended. We supplement the feeding during winter with hay harvested from our farm and natural grains. We gentle our animals with close contact and handle them in a manner to keep them stress free and easy to manage. We will have grass feed beef available in the fall of 2010 and pasture raised pork the fall of 2009.

Listing last updated on Jun 13, 2010

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I will be interested in trying the grass-fed beef this fall!

I know the ownners and they are responsible care takers and lovely people.

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