Lemon Basil seeds / organically grown herb

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Lemon Basil seeds / organically grown herb

It is an herb grown primarily in northeastern Africa and southern Asia, for its strong fragrant lemon scent is used in cooking.

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Herbalists recommend Basil tea for stomach cramps, vomiting and constipation. Basil has been described as having a slight sedative action, which would explain why it is sometimes recommended for nervous headaches and anxiety.

Instead of an after dinner mint, try an after dinner cup of basil tea to aid digestion and expel gas.

If growing Basil in pots then ensure that adequate drainage is allowed from the base of the pot (line with coarse gravel if necessary).

If growing outside then ensure the soil is well dug over and weed free before sowing. Before sowing ensure that the compost or soil is moist (water generously the day before sowing).

It is vital that Basil is not exposed to the last spring frosts so if sowing outside be patient and sow in late March. Sow at any time if the plant is always to be kept indoors. If sowing inside and planting outside late then you can sow in late February.

Sow the seed thinly and if growing in pots sow enough for a few plants in each pot. Cover the seeds with 1/2 cm of compost and firm gently.

Basil seeds should germinate in about a week and once the seedlings have developed 2 pairs of true leaves then you can thin out the weakest seedlings in each pot, leaving each pots strongest.

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