Herb Plant, Lemongrass

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Herb Plant, Lemongrass

Easy to grow herb that is indispensable in Thai cooking, and also makes a flavorful tea...

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Tender Perennial, grown as an annual in all but zone 10. Or, pot it up and keep it indoors over the winter. Lemongrass is well known in Thai cooking, but did you know that the leaves make a wonderful tea, too? Easy to grow. Plant out after last frost in average soil. Keep fertilized and watered. You can start harvesting as soon as the plant has several "bulbs". Pull off a bulb at a time. Mince the tender, inner part of the bulb and lower leaves for cooking. Use the tougher stems for flavoring food like a pot of soup, but don't eat it. Use the grassy stems for tea. Can be frozen or dried for winter use. Plants form an attractive, grassy clump that grows 3-6' high, depending on how far south you live.

Our plants are sustainably raised in our own potting mix. We use only organic fertilizers and sprays if needed. We have been growing and selling plants since 1997.

Our herb plants are shipped in individual 3" deep pots. They are well established and are ready to be planted out in your garden.

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