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We are a diversified pastured poultry operation . Member American Pastured Poultry Producers Association. We raise heritage breeds for sale as ready to lay and laying pullets and hens-some become delicious pastured poultry. We grow other fowl such as Khaki Campbell ducks, Pekin ducks, Blue Swedish ducks, geese, and heritage turkeys. Youngsters are grown in our moveable, bottomless pasture pens. Older meat birds and egg layers free range during daylight hours and are penned at night for safety. Our brown egg layers are Plymouth Barred Rocks,Ameraucanas, Gold Comets, French Wheaten Marans, Cuckoo Marans,and Black Comets. We selected these breeds since they are dual purpose meat and excellent egg producers. All are active foragers! We welcome farm tours by appointment. We sell on the farm, to local restaurants, and take orders at the MS Farmers Market in Jackson,Oxford City Market, and at Downtown Greenwood Farmers Market.

Listing last updated on Nov 1, 2014

Turkeys are SOLD OUT for 2014. We have chicken, quail, and duck eggs available for the table or hatching. Pastured poultry available fresh and (occasionally) frozen-our baby broilers are a specialty. We have poultry available every week- check with us for availability. If you need a few laying chickens or ducks for your backyard, we have those too. Fresh produce is available from our high tunnel and we now have a bee hive.

Schedule and Location:

Mississippi Farmers Market in Jackson, MS - Saturdays 8 until sold out.
.Downtown Greenwood Farmers Market - Saturdays May - September

Eggs and fresh vegetables are available to local restaurants. Chef inquiries welcome.

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We picked up a few dozen eggs at Levee Run Farm for the first time yesterday and have already managed to consume quite a few. When we went to the farm, we saw many varieties of very happy looking chickens.... [more]

I've tried the Giuneas, the fryers, the duck and the cornish hens--all are wonderful. My favorite has to be the cornish hens--they are a smaller (younger) bird, but they are so tender and flavorful.... [more]

Have you ever tasted fresh pasture chicken or ducks? eggs? or fully dressed ready to cook poultry? Perhaps you have, but you haven't ever actually savored real natural poultry and other fresh products until you've tried delicious pasture chicken from LRF.... [more]

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