Life Spring Farms

We are an organic farm producing a variety of meat...lamb, pasture raised chicken and rabbit. We raise Icelandic Sheep both for sale and consumption. The lamb meat is absolutely delicious due to the fact that Icelandics have almost no lanolin in their fleece (which can cross over into the muscle tissue creating a bad taste to many consumers). You can be assured that anything produced at Life Spring Farms is grown without the use of chemicals, hormones, etc... We also have wool for sale...raw, naturally washed, and roving. We will be offering organically grown garlic and garlic powder for sale and will be experimenting with naturally flavored garlic powder. If you have tasted naturally dried garlic powder, you are in for a treat!

Listing last updated on Jun 12, 2013

Look for us at the Twin Falls Farmers Market and try some of our USDA processed Icelandic lamb. Email us for custom meat orders. Hope to see you in Twin Falls!

Schedule and Location:

Twin Falls Farmers Market near CSI
Twin Falls downtown market on Friday evenings

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