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At LifeCircle Farm, we are striving for a sustainable, maintainable holistic system that includes multiple species of edible and decorative plants and various 'livestock'. Starting with the very physical design of our greenhouse, a geodesic dome structure, we attempt to relate to and with nature as opposed to trying to dominate it.

Tilapia are being bred and raised in several large tanks which circulate through a system that provides nutrient-rich water to a wide variety of vegetables and herbs! Natural predators are used to combat pests that may find their way in... or out side in on of the raised planting areas also maintained here, Fertilizers are also natural and many are produced on-site: perfect aged organic compost blend are made from the best possible combinations of organic waste, manures and worm castings.

We also raise chickens and Nubian dairy goats...families, individuals, communities and organizations are invited and even encouraged to come by for a visit: feed the fish, or the goats, pick a peck of pickled peppers, get immersed in the act of nurturing, growing, sustaining!!

We are small but growing. Our goal? Saving the world... one bite at a time!!

~Kathy Taylor, Founder, LifeCircle Farm~


Listing last updated on Mar 23, 2011

Saving The World.... One Bite At A Time!!

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