Lighthouse Farm

Lighthouse Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located north of Minneapolis-St. Paul. We raise Icelandic sheep on pasture for delicious lamb meat and luxurious wool, pigs on pasture that yield incredible-tasting meat, grass-fed beef cattle which yield pleasantly-flavored meat, hens on pasture which produce eggs with bright orange yolks, as well as out-of-this-world pastured turkeys and chicken.

We are dedicated to raising animals the way they were created to be raised. The meat from our farm is full-flavored, satisfying and healthy. Our animals receive unlimited sunshine and fresh air as they graze on our rotated pastures. Additionally, they are supplemented with organic kelp as an extra source of vitamins and minerals. The pigs and chickens are given our surplus goat’s milk contributing to their health and to the tenderness and flavor of their meat. While not certified organic, we use no growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides on our farm.

Lamb meat is available in the fall. Pork and Beef are available throughout the year. Chicken and turkey need to be pre-ordered. Eggs are available year ‘round.

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Lighthouse Farm provides excellent grass fed meat. It's fantastic to be able to order locally raised beef, pork, or lamb and to have it delivered right to my door.... [more]

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