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Located in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, Seven Seeds Organic Farm has been a working family farm for seven generations. Formerly a dairy operation, farmers Greg and Lea Stroncek now raise Animal Welfare Approved and certified organic grassfed beef just off County Rd Z, with beautiful views of Blue Mound State Park. In addition to cattle, the Stronceks also produced pasture-raised pork and pastured chickens for both meat and eggs.

The Stroncek's herd currently comprises of 100 head of Murray Grey cattle, with both breeding stock and market animals. The Murray Grey breed is known for its suitability for grass finishing and superior quality beef. The Stronceks have planted significant areas of former cropland with alfalfa and a variety of grasses for grazing and hay production.

The cattle herd at Seven Seeds Organic Farm is operated on a "closed-based" system, meaning that they avoid buying in cattle and feed from other farms, which helps to improve the farm's overall sustainability. All cattle at Seven Seeds Organic Farm are home-reared. This not only reduces the risk of introducing diseases from other farms, but also ensures that the cattle herd evolves over time to better suit the farm's specific environment, as the farmers select only the most suitable cattle for future breeding.

According to Lea, the main goal of Seven Seeds Organic Farm is sustainability. "With the carbon footprint being so big with industrial farming practices today, we are trying to do the best we can with what we have," she explains. "Our goal is to restore the ecosystem on the land we have stewardship over. This includes biological farming, replacing water ways, and ensuring we have good buffer zones between our land and neighboring farms. By planting trees and encouraging wild plant growth in these areas, buffer zones help to reduce the environmental impact of run-off from neighboring conventional fields." The Stronceks have also put up hundreds of birdhouses to encourage birds to return to their land and help with natural fly control. Biting flies can pester cattle and spread disease. So far, the farm has become home to many robins, bluebirds, killdeer, hummingbirds, swallows and more.

When asked why they chose to join the Animal Welfare Approved program, Lea explains that many consumers were taking a greater interest in how their food is produced. "As a consumer, it is wise to know how your food was raised for many reasons," she says. "Treating animals with respect is the least we can do for the food that they provide for us. In addition, food safety is a growing concern and will stay in the news headlines until society comes to terms with mass production practices. Eating meat is a sacred privilege and farmers should be held accountable for the treatment the animals that are entrusted to them. Animal Welfare Approved is a means to prove this to the public."


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Our on-site store is open Saturday 11-3 and Wednesday 3-6. Call for appointment if you want to come any other time, or for a tour of the farm. Visit our online store to purchase items for pickup in the store or Westside Madison. Certified by the USDA, MOSA, AGA, and AWA.

Schedule and Location:


Schedule and Location:

Saturday 11-3 and Wednesday 3-6. We can make appointments if the store hours do not fit your schedule.

Bulk-order beef, pork, and chicken available.

Selling bulk mixed greens and spinach starting in early spring.

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