Lilac Acres

Lilac Acres, formerly Northern Acres, is a seventeen acre farm situated at the base of Brown's Hill overlooking the beautiful 99 acre Long Pond. Grandaughter Katie Behner and her husband Scott continue the tradition Geraldine Wiley started back in 1933 when she bought the farm.

Registered Clun Forest Sheep - Great foragers, excellent mothers, and DENSE wool from this heritage breed. All our sheep are raised on pasture and hay grown locally. Presently we have two ewes and one ram. For sale we have two wether ram lambs and one ram lamb.

Trained Working Border Collies - Being able to apply my natural instincts with animals, combined with my natural horsemanship training, stock dog training has become more than just a hobby. Registered Llama Guard Animals - Keeping predators away is their primary responsibility, but also a great source of fiber.

Rhode Island Red Chickens - Free range, cage free these Hens are great brown egg layers. Not to mention they help protect the flock from the little predators.

Miniature Donkey - Great horse companion who is wonderful with children.

Shepherdess and Equestrian Instructor Katie Behner - What better way to apply her love of the outdoors, natural instinct with animals, and professional equestrian training at The University of Findlay.

Registered Paint Horse Mare - 2yr old Paint Filly, Cee Cee the next reining champion from Northwood.


Listing last updated on Jun 27, 2005

Stock Dog Trained Registered Clun Forest Sheep for Working Stock Dogs including Border Collies. Organic range free Rhode Island Red Chickens and cage free fresh brown eggs. Stock dog trained sheep and lambs available. Call to put in your request today!!!

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