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Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota


Taste the Difference! We have a passion for naturally raised quality meats! We grind our own feed, with the NON GMO corn that we raise. Antibiotic and hormone free, free ranged chicken and pork. We would love to be YOUR farm family this year!! Our passion is creating good healthy, "clean" food from start to finish! Berkshire/Duroc pork, clover pastured chickens, award winning, uncured bacon and sausages. Our hams are cured the traditional way, with nitrite but no nitrates. USDA has made it very difficult for a small farm to cure hams using the "uncured" method. Roger: We specialize in "uncured " products. What that means is: we hickory smoke our bacon, and smoked sausages, with celery powder and sea salt, which have a natural nitrite found in them, thus we do not add the chemical nitrite or nitrate. Smoking is done in a real smokehouse using real hickory wood, not liquid smoke. Testimonial: Love your Farm. Your Pork Chops are the best I've ever had. My father was a member of the Illinois Pork Producers Association for his entire life, and I guarantee I know Pork from him, and you guys are the TOPS!!!! Jeff M. Roger and Dawn Hubmer-Owners of Prairie Pride Farm of MN have been awarded a 5 year Conservation Stewardship Program for their sustainable farming practices. This is a federal conservation program that has been awarded to a select few farmers. We believe in perserving the land for the next generation! Our farm is located on the prairie in south central Minnesota. 65 miles south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. This is the heart of good black soil and natural prairie grasses. We take pride in humanely raising our animals on our 6th generation family farm without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or drugs here in southern Minnesota. We raise our own corn that we grind as supplimental feed, No GMO products used in the feeding of our animals. We know they are non GMO, because that is what we raise for our animals. Happy healthy hogs! Our Berkshire/Duroc Pork and Free Ranged and grass based Chickens, are the real thing! Beautiful works of art! We raise the crop, humainly care for the animals, then sell only what we raise on our farm. The way things used to be! Happy Happy! We raise our own Berkshire/Duroc Heritage breeding stock and farrow our own pigs. This insures you are getting the healthy berkshire heritage pork that is very desirable. Our pigs are raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. In the winter months they are all inside a warm shelter. Healthy happy pig life! The manure the animals generate is then applied to the fields for next years crop. Only sustainable agriculture farming practices are used, to preserve the land for the next generation. The circle of life continues on our farm. Our Omega-3 chickens are only raised outdoors on a clover pasture. Our chickens were tested to have 145 mg of omega-3 in their meat, this is acheived naturally, on the clover pastured diet they eat! This insures healthy, safe, and naturally raised meat for your family. You can taste the difference. They eat worms, crickets, grasshoppers, etc, if they so desire. Roger says they have a smorgesboard of flavors to choose from. Happy, Happy! They eat what their bodies tell them to eat. All of our products can be direct ordered from our farm and shipped to you! Minimally processed, no solutions added. Shrink wrapped to lock in freshness at it's peak! Shipped frozen in a secure eco-friendly recyclable cooler. Packaged in small quantities for todays families. All of our unique Sausages, Hickory Smoked Ham and Hickory Smoked Maple Bacon have been awarded the champion ribbon at the Minnesota St.Fair. Our ham, sausages and bacon are considered low salt. You will taste the difference. No Soy products used in the processing of our products. Not all pigs are alike, even on our own farm, so we select only the very best from Prairie Pride Farm for you. You can --Taste the Difference! Fair Trade Farm, Thanks! Roger & Dawn

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