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Wild Winds Sheep Company


We're a small family operated ranch on the southeastern Wyoming prairie just east of Cheyenne. We raise a limited production of grass fed, all natural Lambs in a free-range humane setting, never confined in a feed lot like situation. My ewes and their lambs receive the best care. We never use growth hormones or antibiotics. All Wild Winds Sheep Company lambs are born and raised on our property, here in Carpenter, Wyoming. We currently have a heritage sheep flock of North African Tunis, known for their beautiful red heads, and for high quality, flavorful and tender lean meat, they are listed on Slow Foods ark of taste. We a small flock of Southdowns and have now added Dorset and Suffolk sheep to the mix. Our sheep and lambs graze on our pastures in the summer and fall. During the winter and early spring months they are feed hay from our land and kept in a smaller pasture. We keep our animals off pasture during the spring to allow the native ground nesting birds a chance to raise their young and let the native cool season grass grow and produce seed. We try to be good stewards of the land and as holistic as possible. All our lambs are processed in a USDA inspected facility, the cuts are restaurant quality and cryovac packed (clear plastic) for long term storage and freshness. We sell our lamb by the pound, cut and wrapped. You may place an order for custom cuts packed for you. We feel that our grass fed lamb is flavorful without the feedlot gamey-ness and tender enough to not need any sauces or marinades to enhance the flavor. Our cooking advise; "keep it simple" and use salt, pepper with a hint of garlic when prepairing lamb from Wild Winds Sheep Company. Chickens for meat are raised as close to year round as possible. Once they feather out they go into the east end of the barn and have total access to the great outdoors. No, chicken tractor cages for them, but 100% access to fresh air, blue sky, clean water and all the dirt to take baths and scratch in along with bugs and grass spring, summer and fall. We feed a custom made mix of corn, barley and vitamans and mineral just for poultry. The chickens are processed at a local USDA inspected plant and typically weight between 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds dressed. We also raise Turkeys, typically they are White Giants (yes they do fly), and heritage breeds like, the red bourbon, we take advance fall and winter holiday delivery orders. Our turkeys have access to the great outdoors, all the bugs they want to eat and open space to take dirt baths in (their favorite thing to do, besides eat). We may have a few birds available in the fall, but it's best to get your order in early as we have a limited free-range capacity for the birds. Typically; processed weights of our turkeys are between 14 and 25 pounds. We raise our birds on a special grain ration specifically made for poultry along with whole grains that are organic and locally grown. We look forward to providing you with the best in Lamb, chicken and Turkey; we will deliver throughout the Front Range and Mountains of Colorado and the Cheyenne area of Wyoming. We are members of the Tunis International Breeders Association and Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).

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