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Lambs: East Fresian-Dorset-Finn cross breeding stock. The East Fresian line in this flock comes from a sire from New Zealand. The dams are from two prestigious commercial dairies. Most of the mothers are Dorset-Finn crosses. The sires are 50% East Fresian out of William Greeleaf, flock sire. The Dorset-Finn adds a hardy quality to the line. NEW!!! SABLE DAIRY GOATS NEW!!! EMBENDEN GEESE NEW!!! ADOPT-A-LAMB Meat Lambs:32 - 45 pounds for Easter. Larger lambs and freezer lambs raised to order. Ram lambs can be ordered for Al Eid. Starter Flocks: Usually 4-6 ewe lambs plus one ram lamb make a manageable starter flock. Any combination is available. All have 25 to 62% East Fresian in them enhancing the amount of milk the ewes produce for their lambs. Spinner's Flock Lambs :This is the first year I have had so many lambs with exceptional fleeces. Some were born with thick wavy fleeces from day one. There are, to date, only two ram lambs suitable for spinner's fleeces, however, there are ten or twelve lambs in this selection, in addition to the three I have fallen in love with: Mary Edythe Barrell, Elizabeth Pierce McCarthy and Dodo Farington. Wild Organic Thyme:This incredible wild herb made me become enchanted with thyme. I've always associated it with packaged poultry seasoning and never truly appreciated it until it began to spread through my meadows. Walking through it created a smell that was positively addictive. A bunch hanging in my larder still smells as fresh as the day I first picked it. It reminds me of the south of France. Jam from rouge vif de temp pumpkins: shall be available in the fall. Its color, a crystal clear orange and its flavor, something akin to an orange marmalade are superb. Organic wild blueberries: There are over 500 wild blueberry bushes covering my hilltop. They are the one truly organic product sold on my farm, and are only available for three weeks of the year. They are outstanding. Black currants: I have recently started a 40-bush plantation of black currants and josta berries. They make wonderful jam and syrup. The syrup is superb in champagne. Thank you for your interest! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME, I'D LOVE TO CHAT WITH YOU! Mrs. Jorrin's Farm Dec. 2011

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