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Dutch Highlands Farm


At Dutch Highlands Farm we raise animals in a traditional farm setting. They are free to roam the pasture, are fed locally grown hay along with vegetables from our garden & table scraps, and they have lots of contact with their human caretakers. We raise Highland Cattle on a very small scale so we usually only have a half beef for sale each year. Highland Cattle are the hardy breed of the Scottish Highlands. They produce a tender, low-fat and very tasty beef. Our Highlands are grass-fed only. We are also offering Berkshire pigs, the pig of choice for many upscale restaurants. Well marbled and extremely flavorful pork, available as halves or wholes twice a year. In the poultry yard we have Americauna and Gold Comet chickens for eggs, Spring time will see a small number of fryer chickens available. Pre-order now if interested. Muscovy ducks for meat, Emden, Pilgrim and Sebastopol geese for meat, livestock guardians and just for show, and peafowl to give the place some class. . This spring we are planning on adding some heritage breed turkeys for our own consumption and very limited sales. Last, but certainly not least, we raise Silver Fox and California/cross rabbits for meat These are a very large productive rabbit with excellent meat quality. Fryers are available most of the year. All meat purchases require pre-ordering and deposits.

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