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Coastal Ridge Farm

(Hancock county,MS)

Premium lisianthus bouquets this week at Ocean Springs! Plenty of basic sunflower or gladiola bunches also. See you there. We grow great taste! Coastal Ridge Farm is located near Picayune, MS and grows fresh produce and beautiful, long lasting cut flowers. Check us out on Facebook for more farm photos and come see us at the markets! We're striving to grow our produce as naturally and sustainably as possible. We label ourselves 'Environmentally Sensible' & 'Rationally Natural'. Compost is added regularly to our soil. We use organically approved products whenever possible for pest control, and try to attract beneficial insects to prey upon the bad ones. Integrated pest management principles, crop rotations, and timing are also important factors in our pest management plans. If further insect control methods are required (beyond organic solutions), we carefully choose the mildest 'contact' product, and not a 'systemic' product (which would remain in the plant). We time our applications very carefully: harvesting the vegetables first, then applying the product to the underside of the leaves, which is where the insects hide. We try to do this just a few hours prior to a rain in order to rinse the product off the plant soon thereafter. Our choice of vegetable varieties is based on taste! We try out old heirlooms and new varieties, looking for the absolute tastiest and freshest for you! We NEVER use GE (genetically engineered) varieties! If you are confused about the difference between 'hybrids' & 'GE' plants, here is the simple answer. Hybridization is just a person doing exactly what the bees have been doing for ages, mixing up the pollen, for the purpose of developing a better plant, naturally. GE involves artificially altering genetic code with unknown future results. Plenty of info is available online, or ask us when you see us at the market. The book, 'Seeds of Deception' can answer many questions on this subject, and offers a disturbing look into the politics and coverups involving GEs. Again, never any GEs here! The produce will vary seasonally, because we will be growing what is in its prime season in this area. Check out more of our farm photos on Facebook.

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