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Ayraam Farms


INTRODUCTORY SALE!!! We have several animals ready to harvest. We are offering special rates for our beef and hogs. Our sale prices per pound, live weight, are listed under each picture of the steers on the "Cattle" page. If you wish to purchase a hog, your price per pound, live weight, for a hog is $1.25 per pound. Here at AY RAAM Farms, we are working to establish the finest in all natural beef, pork, goats and other products. We are also working to take care of all of our animals with the greatest respect, as part of our family, believing they make a great contribution to our lives beyond the food chain. We all feel our lives enriched by being able to have all these animals as part of our daily lives. We offer you a unique experience here at AY RAAM Farms. We let you come to the ranch and pick out your own animal, whether it is a steer, a hog or a goat. Then you can track their growth process from the time you pick them out until the time of harvest. Also, with the steers, if you desire, we can grain feed them for the last thirty to sixty or even ninety days, which will give the beef an even richer flavor. You may then pick up your animal and take them to a market of your choice or we will take them to a local market and pick up the meat for you for a small fee. Our all natural beef is grass fed. We worm them one time per year and give them one shot for black leg. There is nothing added for growth in any way. They have free access to a salt and mineral tub or block. Personally, out of all the meat I have ever eaten, I have never had better tasting or more tender meat. Our all natural hogs are grain fed; no chemicals, no shots. We worm the hogs about once every two months. Nothing else is done with them. They have free access to grain and water. For me, I feel the same way about the pork. It is absolutely wonderful. The bacon is around 90% meat with very little fat and the hams and pork chops will make your mouth water! Our goats are raised the same, on grass and grain. They are wormed every five to six weeks. We give them one shot currently, which is the Vac8, the same as the cattle. In time, we will give one other shot to prevent the CL boils. We sell wethers for show and bucks for raising your own herd. Personally, I find the goat chops wonderful and we have a link sausage made mixed with pork that melts in your mouth. We also have show hogs and goats for sale. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Sincerely, Aaron

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