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Buckeye Blooms


Buckeye Blooms is a family-owned and operated flower farm in Allen County. We offer sustainably grown flowers for weddings and special events. In consultation with our clients, we custom grow the flowers on our family farm and create unique and earth-friendly floral designs--from bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to altar flowers and centerpieces. More about our philosophy: In addition to being earth-friendly, the quality and freshness of our flowers is unrivaled in the region. Just as a home-grown tomato tastes better than a store bought tomato, the freshest and most beautiful flowers come from the backyard and barnyard rather than the refrigerated section of a big box store. Commercially grown flowers are shipped from large, chemical-laden greenhouses in foreign countries where workers are exposed to toxins and make just a few dollars each day. These operations too often deplete and contaminate water sources and displace local farmers, causing regional food insecurity. Untold amounts of fossil fuels are utilized in the production, refrigeration and transportation in order to get flowers from far-flung corners of the earth to your kitchen table or bridal bouquet. These environmental costs are not factored into the price at the checkout, however. At Buckeye Blooms, we do things differently. We believe our operation should work in harmony with the environment, not harm it. That's why we use organic compost and chemical-free means of fertilizing our flowers. That's why we have planted hundreds of trees in order to prevent soil erosion, provide wildlife habitat and absorb global warming gases. That's why we have implemented energy conservation and recycling measures in every step of our operation. We grow our flowers in tune with nature, not in spite of it. We specialize in seasonal blooms, which mean that the varieties of flowers available depend on Mother Nature and the month of the year. In addition to constantly evaluating and improving the environmental performance of our operation, Buckeye Blooms actively supports charitable organizations that work on behalf of food security, community gardens and solutions to climate change.

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