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Susie's Climax Creations LLC


All the fowl are fed Certified Organic freshly milled grains. We custom mix these organic grains with organic seeds, Icelandic Kelp and minerals. Our feed is SOY FREE, without Antibiotics or Hormones. They also graze on a mixture of fruits, berries, veggies and greens grown in their organic yard. They are free range and pastured. All of our fowl are humanely raised, tame.Our birds and breeding stock are supplied by reputable breeders or hatched using eggs from our farm, NOT Hatchery Factory's! Chicken: Cornish X Rocks $6.50 lb. Ducks: Muscovy Duckling $7.50 lb. We hatch and raise all our own ducklings! The Ducklings will start hatching late March & early April. Quail: Coturnix Quail, 2 for $12.00 or 4 for $22.00 We hatch and raise all our own Quial! 2010 Turkeys: Bourbon Reds, these birds are a Heritage Breed that is a "slow grower". Their meat is moist, richly flavored and superior to the fast grown commercial turkey. It will take a full 6 months of growing to become table ready. We hatch raise all our own turkey poults! There is a very limited supply, please reserve your Holiday Turkey well in advance. Geese: Embden Geese, they are a nice large Heritage bird. We hatch and raise all our own goslings! There is a very limited suppy, please reserve your Holiday Goose well in advance. EGGS: Chicken Eggs: $5.00 1 doz $3.00 1/2 doz. Quail Eggs: $5.00 1 doz Duck Eggs: $5.00 1/2 doz.

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