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Rise & Shine Urban Farm

(White Pigeon,MI)

Rise & Shine is a small acreage farm located in White Pigeon, Michigan near the Indiana border on the historic Saulk Trail. Known now as US 12, Saulk Trail stretches between Detroit and Chicago. Since 2007, Rise & Shine Urban has operated as a small-farm entrepreneurship, working towards becoming a stock producer of a small heritage turkey named the Pixie White. The Pixie White has a cultural significance as a turkey bred specifically to meet the demands of a small acreage farmer for a diminutive, friendly, white turkey that is naturally mating and serves the purposes of pest control, fertilizer, egg and gourmet meat production. The Pixie is bred to be a free-range production turkey. This turkey can be harvested as early as six months, yielding a marketable tom's body weight around 13-15 pounds and hen's at about 6-8 pounds. The Pixie's meat is intensely flavored, moist, and suitable for a family of four. Test kitchens consistently compare the dark meat's flavor to that of prime rib. The heritage nature of the breed permits a family to over-winter the flock, harvesting birds for the table or market as the need arises without any loss of life quality. In appearence, the Pixie White has white feathers, thick plumage, head coloring ranging from blue to dark purple, and a strong bone structure. The hens have a strong maternal instinct: as do the Toms, who will often sit a clutch at night when predators threaten. They are hardy and easily survive cold weather if provided shelter where they can roost off the ground. Egg production is around 60 to 75 eggs per hen. Taste is identical to chicken eggs. Many competition bakers raise turkeys for their eggs as they consider them to be an essential award winning (secret) ingredient in baking; making pastries flakier and cakes lighter. Incubator hatching rate is at least 75 percent with the hens achieving at least an 85 percent success rate. This assessment takes into consideration the removal of eggs from the incubator that fail to develop and poults that fail to survive at least 24 hours after hatching. The Pixie White has value to the health conscious and the small diversified self sustaining farmer that require a self-mating turkey that can be raised, processed on-farm for the home table, or used to create supplemental income. Call for availability on breeding hens, toms, poults, eggs, and fowl ready to butcher. (269) 483-2104

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