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(Red House,WV)

We are a small farm operation raising goats, poultry, rabbits and produce. We are specializing in "heritage breeds" and "heirloom varieties" and most of our production is utilizing "pasture raised" or "free-range" management. Our goat herd is two fold, we raise meat goats (Boer crosses with Nubian or Alpine) and Pygmy goats (we have some small Dwarf Nigerian animals) which are sold as companion animals. We have been breeding the Boer cross goats selecting for naturally polled genetics (which means having no horns). Our pygmy goats are selected for calm (non-aggressive) good mothering traits, we don't do crazy goats. We have small children and alot of visitors to our farm and we like calm animals. Our Poultry varies greatly from year to year as we are interested in finding what breed works best for us and customers request us to grow out birds special order, so anything is possible. We raise Royal Palm Turkeys and sell them as pasture grown freezer birds, we also sell breeding stock when requested. We raise India Blue Peafowl, which are sold for sound effects and beauty. We raise Guinea fowl and have traditional Pearl, as well as Lavendar guineas that free range and great anyone who enters the barnyard. Our chickens are primarily Brown egg laying breeds with the exception of our Black tailed White Japanese bantams or Cochins. Our rabbits are two fold also, as we raise meat rabbits (Californian and White New Zealand) and small pet size bunnies like Netherland Dwarf & Lionhead.

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