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A Joyful Noise Farm

(Black Forest,CO)

Having a desire to live a simpler life, our family of four moved to Black Forest, Colorado. We purchased our land and have set out on a journey to become as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible on our 10 acre farm. We now raise our own beef, pork, chicken (layers & meat), turkeys, goats and produce. We believe in the saying, "You are what you eat" or even more so, "You are what your animals eat" and our goal is to farm the way nature intended. For 2013, we currently have the following items available: Certified Organic Chicken Feed Certified Organic Sweet Feed Certified Organic swine Feed All of our feeds contains NO CORN, NO SOY and NO GMOs. **Please refer to our website for pick up locations. Pasture Raised Eggs. Our chickens enjoy feasting on grass, bugs, and organic chicken feed that contains no soy, no corn or GMOs. They spend their days out in the sunshine and fields, roosting at night in their mobile chicken coop that is moved every few days. Pasture Raised Pork. We raise heritage Large Black Hogs Our pigs live on pasture and forage all day in the sun. They enjoy a diet on non-corn, non-soy certified organic pig ration and produce scraps. To minimize the risk of harmful parasites, they are NEVER fed meat of any kind. You will not find better tasting or healthier pork in the state of Colorado. Pasture Raised Beef. Our cows are raised on pasture, living a life in the fresh air. They enjoy eating the various grasses and plants throughout the property. They receive a daily organic grain ration that contains no corn, no soy or GMOs. We believe in finishing our cows slowly, over a longer period of time instead of at the very end. We have found that this provides a leaner meat without the gamey taste common in beef that is grass-fed only . Goat Milk Shares. Our "girls" are raised on pasture and supplemented with Alfalpha. Milking does receive an additional Certified Organic grain ration that contains no corn, soy or GMOs. Goat Meat. Our meat goats are raised on pasture and supplemented with Alfalpha. In addition, they are fed a Certified Organic grain ration that contains no corn, soy or GMOs. Locally Grown Produce. For 2013 we have added over 5000sf of indoor and outdoor growing space. We will have a large selection of local grown beyond organic produce. We will be offering classes on all aspects of small farming this year. Check our website for more details.

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