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Ransom Hill Garlic Farm


Ransom Hill Garlic is a small farm committed to growing our family heirloom garlic. We are located in Pompey New York, in the scenic hills south of Syracuse. Weather, soil and genetics make growing garlic in Pompey ideal. Our climate here, in Central New York, replicates the climate of central Asia where garlic originated over 5000 years ago. With long cold winters, wet cool springs, and warm dry summers conditions are most excellent for growing Allium Sativum, hard neck garlic on Ransom Hill. Garlic is all we do here at Ransom Hill Garlic and doing it right is a family tradition. My grandma Rose Bonanni immigrated to the United States in 1934 from Supino, Italy a small farming community south of Rome. With her she carried garlic from her family farm. Settling in Little Falls, New York she planted the garlic she carried here. What makes our garlic an heirloom is that it has been propagated by Bonanni's for close to 80 years in Upstate New York. Our heirloom garlic is categorized as a Allium sativum var.ophioscorodon, a hardneck Italian Purple rocombloe. Italian Purple is generally good size and with our soil conditions we have found they are on the large size, producing a bulb with seven to nine cloves arranged in circular fashion around the scape. We also grow a German white porcelain garlic. Our porcelain garlic bulb is large, 2.5 to 3 inches, with large dense cloves. Each bulb has 5 to 6 large cloves. The bulb's outer wrappers are very white with blushes of red running through the inner wraps. Porcelains have a rich garlic flavor generally on the hot side. Great storing garlic. If you are interested in planting garlic on your own, our German White porcelain garlic is a hardy planting garlic. Garlic grows excellent in soil with a PH 6.5 to 7, but this German garlic will adapt to your soil no matter what type of soil you have.

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