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Chenango Farm Fresh CSA


Chenango Farm Fresh is facilitated in the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chenango County office by Patty Stimmel, Project Coordinator. Thanks to the Farmers Market Promotion Project, the Chenango CCE received grant funding from the USDA until the end of 2013. We are honored that our project idea was chosen and are driven to make each year a success. Most importantly, we are working to make fresh, local food available to everyone in the county, no matter how much a household earns, direct from the farmer to you. Chenango Farm Fresh works on a few simple concepts... Fresh & Flavorful! Fresh food just tastes better. Picked at its peak, it has vibrant colors and much more flavor. Nutrition�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¯�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¿�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¢ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¿ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¿ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?½?It's Healthier! Local food does not have to travel miles upon miles to get to your plate. Less mileage means more nutrition, and that freshness means fewer chemicals to preserve it and more vitamins going into your body. Keeps your money in the community Only a fraction of the money you spend at the grocery store goes back to the farmer. When buying local, a high percentage goes directly to the farmer, stimulating the local economy and job markets for the entire county. With Chenango Farm Fresh, there is no overhead other than a small amount to keep the website functional. All orders are pre-paid, meaning farmers can plan their crops accordingly and be guaranteed a purchase a week in advance! Discover New Things Find new kinds of vegetables, new ways of cooking and new family favorites. Know the farm! See where your food comes from. See the farm, the farmer, and interact. Develop a relationship with them and know where it all comes from! Kids want to eat food that they know! Even veggies! Make it Available Chenango Farm Fresh is an ever-growing project. After our first successful year, we will add more products and drop off locations, later to share our successful model with the counties around us. Busy schedules and heavy workloads don't make it easy to shop around, research your food, or even eat a healthy diet. With multiple, convenient drop-off locations, we hope to make it a breeze to buy local. Making 'fresh' convenient, more money goes into our community and a true appreciation for one of Chenango County's greatest assets, Agriculture, spreads. Lastly, no one should be excluded from being able to buy fresh food due to income. We have specially designed our �?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¯�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¿�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¢ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¿ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¯ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?¿ï¿½?�?¯ï¿½?�?¿ï¿½?�?½?�?¯�?¿�?½?�?�?½?baskets' to be aware of all budget levels. On, you can pay online directly or stop into a designated processing location; we very proudly accept Food Stamp/EBT payments. How it Works Community Supported Agriculture: The following outlines generally how our site and ordering system works. Getting started works with local producers to get them setup in this website. All of the producers represented here are from County. Baskets and shares Producers provide shares, or baskets, filled with assorted produce and other items. Each basket costs $15. Those baskets are presented here for consumers to purchase and the proceeds go back to the producers. The little extras... In addition to baskets, some producers provide additional products that can be added to orders. These items may include maple products, honey and even eggs. Order Scheduling We accept orders on a bi-weekly basis through our website. You can review the order schedule published to the right to identify when orders can be placed. Pick Your Payment Orders on may be payed through PayPal, Credit or Debit Card OR Foodstamps. Customer's choosing payment through FoodStamps will be directed to finish their order with payment at a convenient physical location. Picking it up ChenangoFarmFresh does not provide shipping for producers. However, each producer that participates in this program brings their baskets and other products to local "Pick-up Locations". Orders can be picked-up after purchase. Shop Local! When you purchase with ChenangoFarmFresh, you are shopping local foods from local producers. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

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