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Pleasant Meadows Dairy LLC


Having sold our organic dairy farm in 2010, we are starting over with a smaller farm north of Athens. Our intention is to only sell direct to local consumers. We have been farming for over 40 years, pasture based since 2001, certified organic since 2007. We do not use chemical fertilizers, sprays, or GMOs. We are learning to mineralize the soil with cover crops, rotations, compost, manure, kelp, aragonite, and other naturally mined minerals all approved for organic certification. This is the only way to grow healthy plants, animals, and ultimately healthy people. At this time (January 21, 2013) we have eggs, chicken, and raw honey for sale. Chickens are raised on pasture and fed certified organic grain. They are processed on the farm by hand with kindness; with no harsh chemicals (they are not inspected). We will raise turkey, pork, beef, and produce on a preorder basis for 2013 and beyond.For the poultry and pork we are planning to use soy free grain this year. Having raised many different beef breeds over the years we have ended up with the Jersey bred for milk and beef. Jerseys have a higher butterfat percent in the milk that is controlled by the same gene that controls the intramuscular fat in the meat. That is why they are known for the best tasting milk and meat. When you take this animal with higher intramuscular fat and feed it only grass the results are a better omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acid balance, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). We are also breeding and selecting these jerseys for the A2 beta-casein protein knowing that our calves will be raised on the best possible milk. We look at how wonderful God has made these plants and animals knowing that He has given us dominion over it all, with the direction to use it with wisdom for the benefit of mankind. Our goal as we learn to farm is to keep this principle of creation in mind and try to work in harmony with it. Direct marketing can be very rewarding for both the farmer and the consumer. Our experience has been that we learn from each other and become friends. If you desire to know more about us just call or email. Visits are welcome if you call first and make an appointment.

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