Events for Love Apple Farms


Workshop: Home Cheese-Making (Mar 3, 2013)

Among all of the projects that brave home cooks take on in the privacy of their own kitchens, cheese-making seems to be one of the more intimidating and avoided. There are cultures, temperatures and butterfat percentages to consider. (...)

Designing the Perfect Vegetable Garden (Mar 9, 2013)

This is a vegetable garden-landscape design-construction workshop. Learn how to site your vegetable beds for maximum efficacy by taking into consideration factors such as climate, season, and sun exposure. (...)

Workshop: Growing Tomato Transplants from Seed (Mar 10, 2013)

Learn how to sow and care for young tomato seedlings! Participants choose from over 125 varieties of heirloom tomatoes from Love Apple Farm's specialty seed bank. We sow them in seed flats and soil (supplied), while receiving direction and instruction on proper soil to use, heirloom variety selection for your individual growing conditions, germination requirements, care after seedlings emerge, proper transplanting techniques, and more. (...)

Workshop: Summer Vegetable Gardening (Mar 16, 2013)

This is an all day, intensive seminar on starting and tending a summer vegetable garden. Participants sow and take home two full flats of summer vegetables (a $52 value). Topics covered: bed preparation, fertilizing, amending, proper sow and transplant dates for specific crops, discussion of over 20 different warm-weather veggies to grow, warmth, light, and climate needs, companion planting, pest and disease control, on-line preferred discount vendors of gardening supplies and seeds. (...)

Workshop: Egg-Cellent Morning Dishes (Mar 23, 2013)

This recipe is certainly silly. It says to separate the eggs, but it doesn't say how far to separate them. -Gracie Allen

Have you ever felt this way when cooking eggs? Although an egg may seem like the simplest ingredient, it can do a multitude of incredible things. (...)

Introduction to Bee-Keeping (Mar 31, 2013)

Did you know that you can keep bees in your backyard? Most normal-sized yards can play host to a hive of honey bees, and the folks who tend them enjoy honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and of course, the bees themselves. (...)

Non-Toxic Gopher, Mole, and Vole Control (Mar 31, 2013)

We're bringing in gopher hunter extraordinaire, Thomas Wittman, to teach this much-needed workshop.

Thomas started his gopher career as an organic farmer in 1982. He trapped gophers daily for over twenty years and founded a non-toxic, wildlife damage control company, Gophers Limited. (...)