Our goats, chickens and calves are raised as close to a natural process as we can make it. They have year round access to pasture, hay, minerals and kelp meal. Feed concentrates are limited to breeding season and a small amount is given to the dairy goats while on the milk stand.

Raising pastured goats for meat, milk and cheese. No growth hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. Deworming only as needed. Pastured poultry for meat and eggs.

Milk is available raw through 'goat share' contracts.

We also offer goat milk based soap and goat milk based hand lotion.

Listing last updated on Mar 5, 2013

Real Milk-the way Nature intended.

Schedule and Location:

Products may be picked up at the farm during daylight hours. Occasionally deliveries are scheduled to Louisville, Lexington and Elizabethtown for groups of share owners.

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When my son Shawn was about 6 months old he had a reaction to my breast milk and started to eat less. The pediatric g.i. doctor diagnosed him with a possible casein allergy and the whole family went dairy free.... [more]

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