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Little Foot Farm is small farm located just northwest of Denton, Texas. Small but busy, the farm is ran by myself ,my husband and our son. On our farm we raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats & chickens. We offer a variety of things on our farm. We have pet & show quality goats, goats milk soaps , and the freshest farm eggs in the county! Our goats are pasture grazed and are on a strict regimin for disease and parasite control. The babies are dam raised and are handled as much as humanly possible so they will be friendly. I use the milk from the goats to make such things as soap and lotions.The soap is used here and sold also.I also use the milk in most of my everyday cooking. Our chickens free range as well as are grain fed. Their eggs are sold and used here on the farm.

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Hand made Goat Milk Soap $2.50-$5 per bar depending on size

Goat manure for compost $1.00 per 5 gallon bucket--you bring the bucket or we can provide feed bags if available.

Schedule and Location:

More like a "U Pick Them Up" Farm (eggs). Located at my home.
Contact me by email or phone to set up time. Delivery is sometimes an option.

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kelly is so kind and loving. the eggs her girls provide are marvelous. also tried the goats milk soap, my skin as never been softer. very happy to be doing business with kelly and her girls.

reviewed by a pleased dentonite.

I live nearby and have been using her eggs for months now...the ownerhas a consistent supply...even thru winter! She lets the chickens scratch outside (very impt for egg quality) !

I purchased soap and eggs from this farm this weekend. I really liked the soap-it contains a lot of the goat milk, smells very nice, and is very gentle to the skin.... [more]

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