Little River Natural Beef

Little River Natural Beef Offering a variety of Natural pasture raised products including: Beef, Chicken, Goat and Pork. All our products are raised under specific guidelines. ___1. * Animals will consume no grain or grain by-product or alternative feed ( chewing gum ) or by-products from other animals. Animals will be maintained and finished on natural grasses and forages. Cereal grains are permissable in the vegatative state. Stored forages should be in the form of cured grass or legume hay. No G.M.O?s whether they be forage or not.

2. Animals will be free from: antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and confinement

3. Animals will be of genetic type with the ability to finish on forage at proper body condition and maturity. This will be established through visual appraisal, genetic verifiers (tenderness gene ), carcass testing or all inclusive.

4. Animals should be humanly handled and processed with minimum amount of stress and crowding. Cattle disposition should be scored and only animals with suitable score be eligible. High strung animals lead to handling difficulties and stress.

5. Slaughtering and processing of these animals should also be accomplished with minimum of stress. Slaughter facilities should only slaughter forage fed animals to avoid cross contamination of E-Coli from grain fed animals.

6. Animals should not graze land treated with pesticides.

7. Animals can be vaccinated with approved biologicals and dewormed with products approved for grass fed animals. * Some natural grains are used in the finishing of pork and poultry as they are not ruminants and cannot satisfy their nutritional needs with grass and forage alone. ___? No Mystery Meat Here ?.Contact us for your custom order.


Listing last updated on May 12, 2004

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