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We raise our poultry on chemical-free pastures and feed them custom-mixed, NON-MEDICATED feed that has no animal by-products. We include kelp meal for trace minerals and probiotics to help the birds stay healthy naturally.

Our Cornish Cross broilers are processed in a Biblically kosher manner. The plump, tender birds average 4.0 to 4.5 lbs. with almost no fat. They are superb grilled, roasted or baked.

Our St. Croix sheep have lambed! These will be ready mid-summer to fall, depending on the size lamb you want. These lambs are raised organically, on chemical-free pasture. They are very parasite resistant and have been given no medications; we use rotational grazing to limit parasite loads. Reserve yours now!

Listing last updated on May 23, 2011


Now taking orders for the 2011 season. Our delicious broilers will be sold for $4.00/lb. PRE-ORDERS CAN ENJOY A 10% DISCOUNT!!! Save money and guarantee you get as many birds as you want. Contact us for details.

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First off,,, I don't live in Tennessee yet... Plan on retiring there soon... however I do have some very good friends living in the Nashville area..

I contacted Eleanor last year about buying some chickens and lamb.... [more]

After looking extensively on Local Harvest for chickens we found Little Springs Farm. Eleanor was very quick to respond to emails and was able to meet us half way for our birds.... [more]

I was referred to this farm and Eleanor (the owner) from someone I contacted on Craigslist. One fall day, a friend, I, and my two kids piled into the car and drove out to see how she did things.... [more]

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