The LittleFlowers Nigerian Dwarf goat herd was started in 2008 with an emphasis on quality dairy bloodlines. These miniature goats are good milkers but also make lovely pets, and come in every color combination possible, even with "polka dot" moonspots! Goatbabies are born between March and August and are raised with lots of individual attention and cuddling, so are very people friendly and pettable. We also raise silkie chickens and guineas. The silkie chicken flock was developed several years before our move to Louisburg with show quality lines from breeders around the country, and our chicks have nicely separated toes and "superfluffy" pom pom heads. Chicks are generally available in Spring, Summer and Fall. We also have a limited number of guinea keets available during the year. Guests are welcome by appointment. Visit our website for information and lots of fun animal pics!

Listing last updated on Nov 27, 2012

Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian dairy goats; silkie chickens (and a few other bantam and standard breed chickens) and guineas

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