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Live Oak Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown farm dedicated to heritage breeds. We raise egg layers (New Hampshire reds and Dominiques), turkeys (Narrangansett, White, Broad Breasted Bronze and Chocolates) and meat chickens on pasture. We also raise Red Devon cattle, San Clemente goats, St. Croix Hair Sheep and Suffolk Punch Draft horses. The draft horses are beginning to be used as work horses on the farm. We currently market directly to the consumer through on-farm sales at our farm store. Our store features chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and beef (all raised locally on pasture), shrimp, eggs, raw cow milk, chocolate milk, buttermilk, goat milk, butter, honey, yogurt, cheese (variety of cheeses including goat cheese), fudge, grits, cornmeal, coffee, jams, jellies, pimiento cheeses, sauces, seasonings and organic produce. We also offer Certified Naturally Grown raw dog food comprised of ground chicken necks and back- great for dog breeders and lovers alike. Raw food is a must for dogs and they will love you for serving it!


Listing last updated on Dec 21, 2010

"Our animals are not on drugs, but they are on grass."

Schedule and Location:

We have an on-farm store currently open year around Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-6, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10-4. Call 864-991-9839 for information on products or to set up a tour.

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This farm is a reminder that the "little guy" can make it in todays world of pesticides, insecticides, cruelty and $$$$$$ agriculture. They are always friendly, working to improve the conditions the animals live in and being enviornmentally considerate.... [more]

I've been getting chicken from Allison at the Spartanburg Farmer's Market since last summer. These are wonderful, friendly folks to deal with, and the chicken is superb.

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