Live Oak Tree Seeds or Seedlings

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Live Oak Tree Seeds or Seedlings

The magestic Live Oak is an iconic Deep-South tree ~ the classic shade tree for your yard!

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Visiting my home state of Georgia this fall, I took the opportunity to collect Live Oak acorns in my mother's yard. The state tree of Georgia, the Southern Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) is the perfect, stately shade tree. In coastal regions, its long, curving branches are festooned with Spanish Moss.

The Live Oak is evergreen, and very long-lived. The older trees may reach 85' in height.

Zones 7-10.

How to propagate: Soak acorns overnight in a bucket of water to thoroughly hydrate. Allow to air-dry until completely dry. Then place the acorns in a freezer bag with moist peat moss, and refrigerate for two months. This stratification process will allow the acorns to go through a mock winter season, which will promote their successful germination in the spring. In late winter, plant the acorns in potting soil, one inch deep, with 4-6 inches of soil for roots to develop. Keep well watered and expose to 14-16 hours of light (artificial or sunlight) daily. When the acorns sprout, transfer the seedlings to a sunny location after all danger of frost is past.

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