Small scale, family oriented homestead operation on 2 rural acres raising free range heritage chickens and growing a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs in raised beds using organic methods.

Our small flock of heritage breed chickens are allowed free range of our large rural lot and nearby acreage of an Environmental Learning Center. We supplement their diet with certified feeds from Countryside Natural Products and organic or all natural garden and kitchen scraps. We hand gather our eggs everyday and wash them with an organic washing solution. Our chickens are never given any antibiotics and drink clean, fresh rainwater collected from our rain barrels.

Our small raised bed operation is new and will include a variety of vegetables and herbs raised from certified organic seeds. The beds are made of Vermont White Cedar and filled with organic soil and compost. Organic pesticides and herbicides will only be used along with integrated pest management operations. Will have also planted several types of vine and tree fruits for future harvest.


Listing last updated on Mar 14, 2011

Free range all natural eggs from heritage breed chickens. Variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits grown under organic conditions.

Schedule and Location:

Downtown Smithfield, North Carolina, every Friday 11am-6pm

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