Local Chef StL is a company started in 2012 by local chef Rob Uyemura to make foods grown by small local farmers and producers easily accessible to St. Louis area residents. Rob Uyemura is an executive chef, large scale gardener, and longtime advocate of "eating local." He has combined his skills and passion to bring great tasting, healthy, local food to greater St. Louis.

Local Chef StL operates several programs, including a large heirloom garden, a Farm to School lunch program and a CCSA (Combined Community Supported Agriculture). Rob puts a "chef's spin" on his CSA by offering not only farm fresh local produce, but a varied collection of pastured meats, hormone-free dairy products, locally produced groceries and his own unique Local Chef kitchen creations and recipes.

Eating local allows consumers to eat ultra fresh foods with all the flavor and nutrient benefits still intact, while supporting small family farmers and building a stronger local economy. Local Chef StL makes eating local easy and delicious!


Listing last updated on Apr 1, 2013

Season:  May through November

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  100

Full Share:   $65 per week plus $25 one-time fee

1/2 Share:  Half share members receive a box every other week instead of every week; price is still $65 per week

Work Req?  No

Latest Reviews

We loved the variety of fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products that we received last year. Each week, Chef Rob provided a newsletter with information about the farms where the food was grown, and recipes to help us use the products in healthy, delicious dishes.... [more]

This was my first time joining a CSA and I loved it. I thought Local Chefs did a great job with amount and varying types of food. I did the bimonthly option and the food in the box would feed my husband and myself for two weeks.

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