Locust Grove Farm

Locust Grove is a small farm nestled in the rolling hills of East Tennessee. We primarily raise sheep. Our lambs are born in the late winter mostly out on pasture in the fresh air. Lambs are raised naturally with their mothers. From almost the beginning, as the grass is turning green, they grow healthy eating fresh grass and drinking momma's milk. They enjoy new, fresh pasture every few days.

The free-range sheep at Locust Grove Farm are never given any artificial or processed feeds, hormones, or growth supplements. They drink fresh water piped directly from an old, deep well. This healthy environment produces a happy animal and high quality, nutritious meat.

We use rotational grazing to ensure that our animals forage on the choicest grasses, which also optimizes the spread of their natural fertilizer and encourages the best grasses to grow back first. During the winter, the sheep remain on pasture but are supplemented with hay mown from fields' close-by and a special grain mix that is produced for us here in East Tennessee. We believe strongly in managing a stress-free environment for our animals.


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Natural Lamb and Farmstead Sheep's Milk Cheese

We sell to individuals interested in the best quality and healthiest of foods. Ours is a small farm but that allows us absolute quality control over our product. Many people are searching for a healthy alternative. And they buy from a farmer that is local, not a faceless company based hundreds or thousands of miles away. We are striving to produce the best tasting, healthiest, safest and highest quality meat raised the way God intended.

Schedule and Location:

F.A.R.M Market - Knoxville, Tues & Fri 3-6
Maryville Farmer's Market - Maryville, Sat 9-noon
F.A.R.M.arket - Oak Ridge, Sat 8-noon
Dixie Lee Farmer's Market - Farragut, Sat 9-noon

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I'm not sure where to begin when describing Locust Grove Farm cheese. I'll use the "F" word to describe it: FABULOUS. I have been buying cheese from them for 2-3 years at the Oak Ridge farmers market.... [more]

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