Locust Leaf Farm

We are a family run farm that specializes in all natural beef, lamb, pork, and poultry.

Our beef is grass fed and free of hormones, antibiotics, etc...

Our lambs are primarily grass fed, but do get a little grain as a supplement to grow correctly, but are still free of antibiotics and hormones.

Our chicken is a heritage breed cross that is much more flavorful than your typical cornish cross. Chicken is available in the summer only.

Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving. We do recommend that you order early as we often sell out over the summer.

Pork is raised by an Amish farm that we like to do business with. It is pasture pork with a little bit of corn supplemented.

All of our meats are cute here on the property in a clean, state of the art facility by our family.

We also process meats for other farms and our children sell free range eggs.

We encourage you to call and book a tour.

Our primary market is selling quarter of a cow, half or whole pigs or lambs, and poultry by the individual bird. With this, we do not have a retail market on the property.


Listing last updated on Feb 22, 2012

All meats are processed on the property so we can maintain cleanliness and cut to order.

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The owners of Locust Leaf Farm recently invited us to come and tour their farm. What a great family and farm. Not only did we get to see the animals, but we also got to bottle feed a lamb and collect eggs.... [more]

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