Log Cabin Orchard / Mary's Muffins & Jams

Barre, Massachusetts
Family Farm

Mary and I have been living and gardening here in Barre since 1978. We started in the Barre Farmers market 30 years ago to sell the surplus from our garden and orchard. That continues to be our approach to what we sell. We don't spray any of our vegetables or fruit. All of our baked goods are made with fresh and, where available, organic ingredients. We eat everything we grow or make so we are very conscientious about the "healthiness" of our food. Mary and I are blessed with good health, thanks at least in part to our approach to food. We enjoy making what we offer and hope that you would like to enjoy some of those great tasting foods.

Listing last updated on Nov 10, 2009

"NO-SPRAY" FRUIT & HOME COOKED BAKED GOODS / JAMS from our mini-orchard and home kitchen.

Schedule and Location:

Every Day (weather permitting) during daylight hours.

Log Cabin
1740 Pleasant St.
Barre, MA

At the Barre / Petersham town line.

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