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Small family farm offering quality products. Welcome to Lone Palmetto Farms. We are located in Lamar, SC. Our farm name of Lone Palmetto represents our two home states: Texas and South Carolina. Lone Palmetto is a combination of Lone Star State and Palmetto State. Lone Palmetto Farms began in 2005 as a hobby farm. In 2008, the dairy, handcrafted soaps, natural bath and body products and soy candles were added. Lone Palmetto Farms, LLC is part of the Certified South Carolina program and a member of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association. We implement sustainable practices on our farm and use some heritage breeds.

We are a small Grade A Dairy producing raw goat milk. We have 25+ does in production over the course of a year. All Lone Palmetto Farms milk is from our herd of Alpine, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Saanen and Grade Lamancha goats. We do not use any antibiotics or hormones to increase production. Our herd receives high quality feed, alfalfa and coastal hay as well as access to pasture 24/7. We believe that better feeding gives higher quality milk to put in the bottle or to use in cheese production. Lone Palmetto Farms milk is bottled on site. Milk is available at the farm, in area farmer's markets and in select retail locations.

Lone Palmetto Farms offers raw (unpasteurized) goat milk. Properly handled raw milk provides natural pro-biotics and added vitamins and nutrients that pasteurized milk does not. Goat milk is easier for people to digest compared to cow milk. This is due to its smaller fat globules. Many people allergic to cow milk can drink goat milk with no adverse affects.

Our milk is used in the production of Organic Process's Giddy Goat Cheese. You can learn more about this delicious cheese at www.giddygoatcheese.com.


Listing last updated on Jan 11, 2011

Products include: - Grade A (raw) goat milk - handcrafted goat milk soaps made of natural oils and Grade A milk - all-natural bath & body products - soy lotion candles

Coming in 2011: - organically grown produce - free range eggs

Product locations: - Ovis Hill Mobile Markets and Farm Store (www.ovishillfarm.com) - The Farm Store of Sumter (www.farmstoreofsumter.com) - Wil-Moore Farms (www.wil-moorefarms.com) - The Healthy Food Store (in Florence, SC)

Schedule and Location:

Ovis Hill Farm mobile markets in Myrtle Beach (Wednesdays), Florence (Thursdays and Saturdays) and Hartsville (1st Saturday) - Lone Palmetto Farms milk. Ovis Hill Farm Store in Timmonsville - milk, soaps and bath/body products. http://www.ovishillfarm.com/ 843-346-3646

"The Farm Store" at 1191-B Peach Orchard Road, Sumter, SC 29154 carries all of the Lone Palmetto Farms products. 803-464-1374

New Life Natural Foods in Myrtle Beach - Lone Palmetto Farms Grade A raw goat milk. www.nlnaturalfoods.com.

"The Healthy Food Store" in Florence, SC on Elijah Ludd carries Lone Palmetto Farms Grade A Goat Milk. 843-629-9204

Wil-Moore Farms - www.wil-moorefarms.com

Schedule and Location:

Contact for availability off the farm.

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