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Lonesome Star Farm's (LSF) kunekune pigs are pure-bred, AKBA registered, and DNA validated. While this versatile heritage pig can be a great family companion, they're the only pig that can fatten almost entirely on grass. Not needing massive quantities of feed grain is a sustainable answer for natural pork production. LSF is cultivating a homestead quality kunekune pig that offers a multi-purpose worker for your"swine to dine" needs. A disease resistant and temperature tolerant pig that's docile and does not challenge fences among other quality traits.

Homesteaders and self-sufficient families can fully utilize the kunekune's usefulness from field and orchard work until they are ready to process after a year. The urban locavore will love these all natural grass-fed whole hogs. This heritage breed lard pig provides a marbled main course that's worthy of its growing acclaim, sustainable for both producer and connoisseur.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and check our website for more information and you may agree that this pig that's new to America is worth promoting and using.


Listing last updated on May 9, 2014

*** Unique and multi-purpose Kunekune piglets are HERE! Early Spring 2014. More pregnant sows will farrow soon as well. Cultivator of Heritage & Rare Livestock. Current Focus: Kunekune Pigs. Summary of Their Benefits: Homesteaders: Breeding Stock As The Most Sustainable Pure Bred/DNA Proven Multi-Purpose Pig ~~~ Connoisseurs, Chefs, & the Slow Food Renaissance: Natural & “Pass Out” Good Red Heritage Pork ~~~ Meatsmith Craftsman & Charcuterists: Grass-fed & Finished Marbled Lard P

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Stork Dropped Some Kunekune PIglets!


1 farrowed sow down... 3 more to go, whew!  Therefore, I'll have some inventory to work with to help you achieve your homestead's goals for the kunekune pasture to pork pure bred swine.

 Full Announcement:

Piglets introduced themselves to the world on July 26!  So far all 5 have lived which is quite amazing.... [more]

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