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Alpacas are my Life If anyone had told me back in 2006 that I'd fall head over heels in love with a barnyard animal, I would have said they were smoking rocks. I'd raised chickens and spent time on a cattle ranch as a kid. I'd HATED living so far away from malls, restaurants and movie theaters. So as an adult, I lived in suburbia, had a job in high tech, a wonderful spouse and two teenaged boys. Not sure what happened -- could have been midlife crisis, frustration with corporate politics, or the feeling like nothing I was doing really mattered might have had something to do with it. Sound familiar? Since 2007 my world has been turned upside down by alpacas. I've achieved one childhood dream and on the way to achieving another, I've found I'd rather scoop poo than scoop poo (if you catch my drift) and I'm building both a business I can control as well as a legacy for my kids. I'm fascinated by every aspect of this business -- from learning how to make breeding decisions, to how to keep a herd healthy, to going to shows. I've met wonderful new friends, learn something new every day and discovered I had talents I hadn't recognized. I'm passionate about raising and breeding quality animals, and driving breeding goals to foster a vibrant and successful fiber industry.

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Alpacas, Fleece, Roving, and Yarn.

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