Longevity spinach cuttings - Gynura procumbens

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Longevity spinach cuttings - Gynura procumbens

A leafy vegetable from SE Asia with amazing health benefits. Scientifically proven! Eat raw or cooked.

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This is an excellent raw salad green, or use the leaves on sandwiches in place of lettuce. Steam it or use in stir-fries. Stems can be chopped in soups, stews, or vegetable medleys in the same way you would use celery.

Grows in full sun or part shade. Protect from freezing. Grow as an annual vegetable or keep potted inside during the winter months. It is perennial in Zones 9-11.

You will receive un-rooted terminal stem cuttings, ready to plant. Most of the lower leaves have been removed to reduce transpiration during shipping. The stems are wrapped in moist towel and bagged. If you are unable to plant immediately upon receipt, put the stems in a vase of water to keep them turgid. Plant the cuttings in good soil and keep moist and shaded until well-rooted. Roots will develop more quickly in warm temperatures. Also be sure to see my listing for the related and more colorful Okinawa spinach!

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