Lopez Island Farm

Lopez Island Farm is located in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest and is blessed with a climate that is perfect for raising grass-fed livestock. Even in the middle of winter, some days are warm enough for the grass to grow. Our sheep are on pasture all year and lambing is timed to take advantage of the spring flush of grass. Lamb is produced without antibiotics or hormones and finished on grass in the spring and fall. The breeds I use were developed to finish on grass and are lean with a delicate flavor.

We pasture raise pigs outside where they can forage and root to their hearts' content. In addition to the health and nutritional benefits from pasture grazing, they just plain enjoy digging. Happy pigs are healthy pigs and ours do not need antibiotics or hormones.

Lamb and pork are available in our retail store at the farm on Lopez Island, Proctor Farmers Market in Tacoma and by special arrangement. We deliver regularly to customers in Seattle, Bainbridge Island and Tacoma.


Listing last updated on Feb 13, 2008

Schedule and Location:

Proctor Market, Tacoma WA Sat 9:00 - 2:00

Schedule and Location:

Farm Stand open all day

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I first started eating Bruce Dunlop's wonderful pork and lamb perhaps five years ago. In a region full of great producers, he ranks with Skagit as one of the tops.... [more]

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