Lotus Growing Technologies (LGT)

We are a small farm dedicated to creating healthy local foods with an emphasis on the enriching all life forms with positive energy. We never use pesticides of any kind, and grow our food with the health of the earth and it's inhabitants in mind. We provide indoor grown gourmet/medicinal mushrooms, handmade jewelry, and much more.

Listing last updated on Apr 15, 2012

Visit our etsy web-page to see what we currently have for sale online :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/LotusGT?ref=top_trail

Schedule and Location:

Beloit, WI and Rock County, WI farmers markets :)

We sell 5 lb boxes of oyster, pioppino, king oyster, and lions mane mushrooms.

Latest Reviews

High quality! Extremely delicious mushrooms!

I sampled the mushrooms from Lotus at the Beloit Farmers Market last year and was deeply impressed. Their quality is second to none and being able to have access to mushrooms like Lions Mane and their high quality Oyster is quite special.... [more]

My friend Lynette bought some mushrooms from them!! I got to eat them because I was over for dinner that night! I don't even like mushrooms and I feel in love with their tasty oyster mushrooms!... [more]

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