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We are now raising Full Blood Nubian milk goats. I am currently maintaining a closed herd and have stock that is of registration quality. The current herd was established using registered stock. My animals are raised with minimally invasive techniques worming only when deemed necessary and medications when indicated. I use a rotational pasturing system to help reduce worm load and to maintain a good diet of healthy grasses. The hay fed during the winter months is cut from my own hay field assuring no chemical by-products or additives. They are bred on an annual basis allowing time for the dam to recover fully and provide her young with a full 3-4 month supply of milk to help them achieve the best possible start to life.

Listing last updated on Apr 15, 2011

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Linda Sanchez has a wonderful farm located near Mountain Home where the animals are raised healthy and happy. The eggs are delicious and we look forward to lamb in the fall and beautiful wool from the Llamas next spring! My daughter enjoys going to the farm to learn about the animals and the farm.

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