Lovage Seed - Perennial Herb

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Lovage Seed - Perennial Herb

Lovage smells and tastes like celery - great used fresh or dried in all types of dishes. 2015 seed now ready

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Lovage - Levisiticum officinale - hardy, perennial herbaceous plant. grows 2-4 feet tall, with a spread of about 2 feet. Looks very nice tied to a bamboo stake to help keep it upright.
Produces yellow umbel flowers, similar to the flowers of dill and fennels.
Culinary: The leaves taste similar to celery, and are used fresh in salads and stir fries. Can also be dehydrated and used in soups and stews.
Medicinal: Tea made from lovage leaves has been applied to wounds as an antiseptic, or can be drunk to help with digestion. NOTE: This information is provided for reference only. The FDA has not substantiated medicinal properties of this plant.
Start your lovage seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date for your area. Transplant to a well drained, sunny location in your garden.
Packet contains a minimum of 30 fresh, viable seed naturally produced in NC Zone 7b.
Happy Gardening!!
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